Erectile Dysfunction 
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Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 52% of men across the U.S. at some point throughout their lives. It is most common in men over 40, but can affect men of any age. ED occurs due to many causes, such as low testosterone, age, neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, as well as physical injury, medication, and lifestyle factors. Men who drink alcohol regularly, or partake in recreational drugs may experience frequent ED. Similarly, lack of sleep can negatively impact the ability to achieve erection.
Many men who suffer from ED refuse to seek treatment out of embarrassment of their condition. At Men’s Focus Las Vegas, our goal is to help reduce the negative stigma associated with erectile dysfunction, and treat symptoms, so that you can regain control over your life again. We recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible to diagnose any other underlying issues which may be causing sexual dysfunction.

Treatment of ED includes medications to improve blood flow to the penis, therapy for mental conditions, which may be causing impotence, as well as surgical methods for extreme cases. At Men’s Focus Las Vegas, you can expect to receive the best suited treatment for your condition.

Men’s Focus Las Vegas is a safe, affordable place for men to seek treatment for ED. With no hidden or undisclosed fees, professional and experienced staff, you can be sure you’ll receive the best care without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our one stop medical facility, and gain access to required medication and therapeutic treatment for erectile dysfunction.
What causes erectile dysfunction in males?
Erectile dysfunction is a form of impotence, in which males have trouble achieving or maintaining erection during sexual intercourse. ED affects the majority of men at some point in their lives, particularly those over the age of 40.

To be properly diagnosed with ED, you should see a physician as soon as symptoms begin to present themselves. Your doctor will base a treatment on the underlying cause of the conditions and the individual symptoms you are experiencing. Many men prefer not to report ED to their physicians due to embarrassment. At Men’s Focus Las Vegas, we want to help men understand how normal this condition is, and to never be ashamed to ask for help.
Now that you understand what impotence is and how it can affect your life, you may be wondering what could cause this condition. Below you will find a list of common reasons for ED.

Age: The most common reason for erectile dysfunction is age. Men between the ages of 40-70 are at high risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction due to a reduction in testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, which begins production during puberty, and tapers off around the age of 30, after this, men lose testosterone in small portions throughout the remainder of their life. Without proper amounts of testosterone, sex drive diminishes.

Health and Medication: Another factor which can affect sexual health is overall physical health and any medications you are currently on. Illnesses which effect the endocrine system, and in relation, hormones, are a strong cause for ED, neurological disorders also have an adverse effect. Diabetes, nerve damage, thyroid disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis are all cause for sexual problems.

What are some common symptoms of ED?
Erectile dysfunction affects different men in different ways, but there are some key symptoms to watch out for. Erectile dysfunction is very common, causing sexual problems for more than 50% of men over the age of 40 at some point throughout their lives.

Because it is so common, it is likely that you will have trouble reaching erection at some point. This does not signify ED; ED is a chronic disorder, during which a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection during physical intimacy and sexual intercourse. Some men can obtain an erection, but it doesn’t last long enough to fulfill any sexual experience, leaving both parties disappointed, and embarrassed.
This symptom is considered the keystone of erectile dysfunction, and when experienced chronically, it can strongly impact your sexual and personal life.

While impotence is the key factor of ED, it is not the only symptom. Some men will also experience fatigue during intimacy, finding it difficult to finish to reach orgasm because they lose energy and then interest. Another symptom is low sex drive, which can make it difficult for men to get excited about sex with their partner. This can stem from physical or psychological causes, and treatment will vary depending on the underlying cause of the symptoms.

There are also emotional symptoms which go along with erectile dysfunction. Many men become depressed or embarrassed of their condition. It can cause stress, low-self-esteem, and even sleeping problems. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, speak to your doctor as soon as possible about available treatment.

Can erectile dysfunction be reversed?
Many men experiencing erectile dysfunction feel hopeless that their condition will just become a common part of life. Fortunately, through services offered at clinics, such as Men’s Focus Las Vegas, there is hope for those of you experiencing symptoms of ED.

ED is highly treatable, and treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your condition. It’s important to be honest with your doctor about any current medications or medical issues you are dealing with currently, so that he or she can determine whether they are a factor in your condition.
Erectile dysfunction can be caused by age, health, lifestyle choices, medications, and other factors. Your treatment is designed to pinpoint these issues and solve them in the most beneficial, practical, and affordable way possible. Sometimes emotional therapy can play a big role in the reversal of ED symptoms, other times medication may be required.

The medications used to treat erectile dysfunction help to relax the penis and allow for proper blood flow. This provides the ability to achieve and maintain an erection during intercourse. Sometimes medication alone isn’t enough to counteract symptoms of ED, as there are other mental or emotional issues causing the ED to surface.
Being open to new treatment options, and being honest with your nurse and doctor about what you are feeling will go a long way to recovery. When using medications to treat ED, there is no one cure, unfortunately, however, our team at Men’s Focus Las Vegas is equipped to provide you with the tools necessary to treat your condition ongoing, and take control of your sex life.