Peptide (Sermorelin) Therapy/Anti-Aging
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Peptide (Sermorelin) Therapy/Anti-Aging
Just as the male body changes as it grows from childhood into adolescence, it undergoes further changes throughout adulthood. With age comes the deterioration of cell tissue, changes in body structure, weight gain, fatigue, and of course, wrinkles. For men, age also means depletion in the male sex hormone, testosterone, which can have a negative impact on both emotions and physical self.

While scientists have yet to uncover the secrets of the fountain of youth, or some magical little pill to reverse time, they have gotten close with a product called sermorelin. Throughout this article, you will learn more about sermorelin, how it works, and the possible anti-aging effects it produces on the male body.

What is Peptide (Sermorelin) Therapy for Anti-Aging?
Sermorelin is a genetically engineered hormone, which triggers a response in the body that encourages the release of the human growth hormone. The human growth hormone is secreted from the hypothalamus, and as the name suggests, it regulates growth. Not only is the human growth hormone, the reason that children experience growth spurts as they develop, it also produces lean muscle mass, helps properly metabolize fat, and helps your body to produce energy.

Just as your testosterone levels deplete with age, so too does the natural production of the human growth hormone. This is problematic, because human growth hormone is a peptide hormone, it helps with cell regeneration, healing, and the production of new cells.

Why Would I need Peptide Therapy?
You might need peptide therapy if you’ve noticed depletion in sex drive, and are experiencing fatigue. If you find it difficult to lose weight and gain muscle mass, even when eating healthy and working out peptide therapy can help. If you suffer from joint pain, sleep problems, or notice that your skin takes longer to heal than it used to, peptide therapy could be for you.

A reduction in human growth hormone production is not a reflection on your manhood, it happens to all men overtime, some sooner than others. Taking advantage of early therapy options is the best way to avoid symptoms of aging, and lead a healthy life for longer. The earlier that you begin treatment with peptide therapy, using products like sermorelin, the more you will get out of the therapy process.
What Are the Blood Test for Peptide Therapy?
If you are concerned that human growth hormone is beginning to deplete, and you’ve noticed drastic changes in weight, healing, hair loss, and a drop in libido, your doctor may diagnose you with low HGH by performing blood tests. The IGF-1 Factor blood test checks the levels of growth hormone, and growth hormone-like substances in your blood stream. It helps your doctor determine if there is a hormone imbalance, or if your symptoms are stemming from other conditions.

Sometimes, illness or injury can have a similar effect on physical and mental symptoms, which mirror those of low human growth hormone. If you are currently taking any medications for health issues, those medications can sometimes have a negative impact on weight, libido, and energy levels. This can make it difficult to diagnose a human growth hormone imbalance without proper blood work.

Sometimes IGF-1 levels will seem low if you are suffering from malnutrition, or vitamin deficiency. Your doctor will be able to rule this out through further blood testing. Once you know that your peptide levels are low, your doctor can prescribe sermorelin therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Peptide (Sermorelin) Therapy?
Peptide therapy can have many benefits when applied for the right reasons and in the correct standard doses by a medical professional. Sermorelin mirrors the effects of human growth hormone, helping your body to kick start processes such as cell regeneration. It promotes the production of lean muscle tissue, and assists in the deposit and usage of fat cells. In other words, sermorelin has the added bonus of helping you shed those hard to lose pounds, and bulk up at the gym, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Sermorelin also helps with bone density, which begins to deteriorate with age. There’s a reason why bone disorders such as arthritis become prominent after 50, and much of that has to do with a depletion in vitamin absorption, hormone production, and various other internal chemical factors. Human growth hormone helps regulate your bone density, adding years to the life of your bones, and fighting off risks of early breakage and disease.

As you age, you’ve probably noticed some drastic changes in your appearance, not just weight gain, or muscle mass, but your face and head as well. Hair loss and skin damage take place as cell regeneration slows and growth hormone secretion fades. You’ll notice skin becoming thinner, which causes a greater impact during injury, and it will take longer to heal than it did in your youth. By mimicking human growth hormone, sermorelin helps skin and hair growth, promoting a thicker, healthier outer shell to protect your body underneath.
Sexual health will also improve following the administering of sermorelin treatment. You will notice a rise in libido and sexual drive, as well as more energy during intercourse, or any physical activity. Your immune system may also benefit, improving overall health, longevity, and functionality throughout the day. 

Another area where sermorelin can impact health is in your arteries. Human growth hormone helps manage plaque buildup, which can lead to heart problems later in life. It promotes production of HDL cholesterol, which fights against LDL, and increases the chance of a healthy heart as you age.

Finally, sermorelin can help you sleep at night. It has shown positive benefits on men who experience sleep disorders, such as insomnia, and gives longer lasting rest overall. This will also promote the rejuvenation of cells, and bolster mental health, making it easier to deal with stressful situations and manage anxiety levels throughout daily tasks.

What Are the Medications for Peptide Therapy?
There are three main medications used in the treatment of low human growth hormone, or peptide therapy. Sermorelin, GHRP-6, and GHRP-2, each working in a different way to provide the same result.

You’ve already learned some about sermorelin, and how it works to benefit your body when hormone secretion slows. Rather than using an hGH supplement to try and improve peptide levels, sermorelin works by activating the pituitary gland to produce its own. It does this by binding itself to receptors which specialize in gland secretion.

GHRP-6 works similarly to sermorelin, activating the pituitary gland to begin the secretion of natural human growth hormone levels. GHRP-6 is beneficial to those who have taken hGH supplements and hindered the expression of normal human growth through inhibiting the gland to produce natural. GHRP-6 helps restore natural production once more.

GHRP-2, is a synthetic hunger hormone, mimicking ghrelin, which helps improve appetite, and response to eating. GHRP-2 also promotes the natural secretion of human growth hormone, while simultaneously improving eating habits.

For more information on peptide therapy, low human growth hormone levels, or other hormone issues, such as low-testosterone, contact us at Men’s Focus. If you are unsure about current symptoms, but feel that peptide therapy is for you, consult your physician about possible treatment options. Early diagnosis is the first step to rebuilding and fighting the symptoms of age.