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How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Work?

Men’s bodies are different and require different amounts of testosterone in order to function optimally. While there are always averages, it takes men different periods of time to adjust to testosterone replacement therapy, and also depends on the form they are given their treatment in. Regardless of the length of time it takes, men who are starting on Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Las Vegas should go for regular check-ups to have their progress monitored and to ensure that they are coping well.

The most common forms of testosterone therapy today are transdermal creams and patches, and injections. It usually only takes a couple of doses (although the strength of the dosage will play a role) before you will start to notice differences in your body. The maximum length of time it should take is two to three weeks, and most men average out in two weeks or so, but it would still be completely normal if you took a few extra days).

If you feel the results earlier on, say within the first week, you might be more prone to some of the side effects of the treatment. It is common to experience a few headaches, mood swings or nausea, as part of your body getting used to the big changes that are happening on a hormonal level. The side effects will wear off as your body becomes accustomed to the changes.

Your progress and any side effects need to be reported at regular check-ups so that your doctor can make any changes that are necessary. If your doctor does not feel you are progressing, he can increase your dosage or make another recommendation. If the side effects are really affecting you, he may suggest changing to a different type of medication.

While most men may experience changes in their minds or bodies a week to two after having treatment, it could take as long as two to three months for your low testosterone symptoms to disappear completely, so remember to stay patient. Your problem may have been underlying for some time and it may take your body a little longer to adjust. If you are using patches, you will be getting smaller daily doses of the hormone than if you were to have an injection every second week, so one injection may have an effect, whereas you may need to wear a patch for seven to 10 days before you start noticing any difference. The important thing is to keep monitoring your progress, which you can do by visiting a reputable Testosterone Therapy Las Vegas clinic, so you can make changes if necessary.