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Does Morphine Cause Low Testosterone Levels?

Morphine is an opiate, and using it, whether over the short term or over the long term, can result in hypogonadism. Many people also end up becoming dependent on morphine and the longer you take it, the lower your testosterone levels may become. If you suffer from chronic pain and you take morphine regularly or have taken it in the past, there is a chance that your testosterone levels could have been affected. Getting professional help from a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Las Vegas clinic is the best way to make sure you get the necessary tests done and find a solution that works best for your lifestyle.

Morphine is a drug that belongs to the opioid family and which suppresses the urge to reproduce by restricting amount of hormone release initiated by the pituitary gland. The body shuts down its reproductive tendencies automatically when it feels it is under stress, and chronic pain and intake of opioid-painkillers would give it this message.

Morphine also causes there to be an increase of aromatase in the body, the enzyme that is used by the body to produce estrogen. The more estrogen there is in the body, the less testosterone there is. It is a medically accepted fact that long term use of opioids can cause hypogonadism or a condition known as OPIAD or opioid induced androgen deficiency.

Studies on the relationship between morphine use and hypogonadism are so well established that men who are prescribed long term morphine for chronic pain should look into the prospects of hormone replacement therapy.

There have been a number of reports of low testosterone symptoms from men that are prescribed morphine for chronic pain, such as general fatigue and loss of energy, emotional problems and muscular and skeletal complications. Very often, the sex drive is affected, but the other symptoms may present without affecting the libido as noticeably. While medical experts maintain they are not trying to discourage people from avoiding pain medication, they do propose that hormone replacement therapies be considered in conjunction with chronic pain medication, to ensure that quality of life is maintained.

Testosterone is classified as a schedule III drug in the United States and is only available on prescription. It is essential that you get reliable and experienced assistance from a reputable Low Testosterone Las Vegas clinic if you are considering testosterone replacement therapy, especially when you are taking chronic medication like morphine for other conditions.