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Why Does a Deficiency in Testosterone Affect Your Energy Levels Negatively?

In addition to being a sex hormone, testosterone also fulfills an anabolic function and promotes the growth of bones and muscle mass. When a man is testosterone deficient, one of the clearest signs is usually a drop in energy levels, leading to tiredness and fatigue, as the hormone also serves to provide the body with the energy it needs for various cellular processes. The effect that it has on energy and the state of mood a man is in is so profound that the condition is often misdiagnosed as depression. If you are suffering from chronically low energy or moods, then you should have your symptoms checked for low testosterone at a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Las Vegas clinic.

In a male body that is performing optimally, one of testosterone’s roles is to provide energy for vitality and virility. Energy levels may drop so significantly that the person may be too tired to exercise at all and take a much longer time to recover from a session. Testosterone is also required for the healing and recovery process that cells need to undergo when they become damaged, and this process can also be slowed down when levels of the hormone are low.

Low testosterone also occurs commonly in conjunction with obesity, and extra fat cells in the body can convert testosterone to estrogen, lowering levels even further. An increase in body fat and a reduction in muscle mass can drop the metabolism even lower, and contributing to low levels of physical energy.

Testosterone promotes growth in the body, serving a purpose as an anabolic steroid. In addition to processing protein to promote muscle building, testosterone has to supply the body with the energy it needs to fuel the growth. Low testosterone levels tell your body to hold back on growth (sometimes to the extent that muscle atrophy and wasting can occur) because not enough energy and growth hormone is available to facilitate the processes.

Both mental and physical energy are affected by low testosterone levels, and many men also experience depression, problems with memory and concentration and a lower threshold to tolerate stress when their levels are deficient. Because testosterone is so intrinsically part of being a man, low levels of it can affect every faculty, on an emotional, psychological and physical level.

If you are experiencing low levels of energy or mental fatigue, then you should consider having your levels of testosterone checked at a Testosterone Replacement Las Vegas clinic, as the condition can affect men of all ages.