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Can Low Testosterone Cause Hot Flashes in Men?

Hot flashes are usually associated with women and are synonymous with the menopausal period when levels of female hormones circulating in the body drop substantially. It has also been discovered that hot flashes may be attributed to low levels of testosterone in the male body. While hot flashes can be caused by low hormone levels, they can also have other causes that may not have anything to do with hormones, so it is important that they are investigated to determine the underlying cause. Having yourself checked at a Testosterone Replacement Las Vegas clinic is the best way to determine if low testosterone is indeed the cause of your hot flashes and how best to go about managing them.

Hot flashes can present in some men who are deficient in testosterone. As one of the most common side effects of the menopausal stage in a woman’s life, hot flashes are caused by substantial decline in estrogen. In a similar way, a sharp decrease or a lowering of testosterone in a man’s body can result in hot flashes, but not all men will present with this symptom, and some do get away without experiencing it at all. If your hot flashes are occurring in conjunction with reduced energy levels, a lower sex drive or weak erections, then the cause could very well be low testosterone levels.

Men who are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer may experience hot flashes. In fact, in men who have prostate cancer, one of the ways to treat the condition is by lowering testosterone in the body, as testosterone can be responsible for enlargement of the prostate gland. While testosterone supplementation may be the ideal choice of treatment for healthy men, it can have adverse effects on men with prostate cancer. This is one of the most important reasons to have the relevant testing and undergo medical history sessions with your doctor, as missing this vital piece of information could have a profound effect on your overall state of health, as testosterone therapy is not recommended for men with this condition.

Men react differently to drops in testosterone and each man exhibits different symptoms. Some men get through periods of hormone fluctuations without experiencing any of the uncomfortable side effects. For many men, hormone therapy is ideal to curb the side effects and improve their quality of life, but not all men are suitable candidates, such as those with prostate cancer and those who are at an increased risk of developing cardio vascular complications. If you are experiencing hot flashes and want to solve the root cause of the problem, you should seek professional help at an established Las Vegas Testosterone Therapy clinic.