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Is High Blood Pressure Tied to Low Testosterone Levels?

There has been a lot of research conducted into low testosterone cases and their association with blood pressure, and most of the findings have revealed that higher blood pressure is likely to occur in people who have low levels of testosterone. Furthermore, men who have low testosterone are more likely to die of heart disease, one of the complications of high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure and are concerned about low testosterone, you should have your hormone levels measured at a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Las Vegas clinic.

A study that was carried out by the University of Cambridge studied 12000 men over a four year period. By 2003, 800 of the men had died and a link between the deceased participants, and those in the category with the lowest testosterone was established through hypertension or high blood pressure.

Studies carried out by Italian researchers found that the men in the study with high blood pressure had 12% less testosterone than men who fell within a ‘normal’ range. While many cases of low testosterone and high blood pressure have been argued as side effects from medication, this new research revealed that hypertension and low testosterone have a much deeper relationship.

In a number of studies, low testosterone has emerged as a predictor of early mortality, because of patient predisposition to heart and cardiovascular disease.  It features as one of a cluster of symptoms associated with Metabolic Syndrome, which men with low testosterone are predisposed to, along with high blood sugar, low HDL cholesterol and high blood fat.

Both high blood pressure and low testosterone can result in erectile dysfunction, so both need to be treated to keep your body functioning normally. Problems with arteries and blood circulation, as well as inadequate sex hormone levels to regulate your sex drive can result in impotence if left untreated.

If you suffer from high blood pressure you are already at higher risk of developing a number of health conditions, so that needs to be brought into control. Lower testosterone levels can certainly magnify a high blood pressure problem and cause major imbalances in your body that affect your health, so getting help from a Low Testosterone Las Vegas clinic is important if you want to keep the condition manageable and ensure that your body changes in the most natural way to avoid unpleasant side effects. Making key lifestyle changes like losing weight, doing regular exercise, eating a healthier diet and stopping smoking can help you to lower your blood pressure naturally.