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Natural Ways To Give Your Testosterone A Boost

Becuse our bodies try very hard to maintain internal balance or homeostasis, some men can have success with increasing their testosterone in natural ways. Low testosterone Las Vegas becomes more common as men age, but it also coincides with a period in life where they start exercising less, maybe put on a little extra weight and may not be following the most nutritious eating plan. For men whose levels are not too low, making some simple but effective changes can have a significant impact on hormone levels.

Resistance and weight training is one of the most effective ways to increase testosterone naturally. Make sure you get enough rest between work out intervals as well, because studies have shown that optimizing a rest period could make a difference to the amount of testosterone your body produces. One study found that a 90 second rest between sets of bench presses and squats increased testosterone by the largest margin, followed by the same exercises performed with 120 second rest intervals. A 60 second rest was shown to increase testosterone the least and growth hormone the most.

Another study found that men who threw a few 6 second sprints into their workouts had increases in their serum testosterone levels.

If the other health warnings haven’t convinced you, know that high levels of stress and cortisol can have an inhibiting effect on your testosterone production. Getting enough regular sleep can also make a big difference to your hormonal balance in your body. When you are working out you also need to ensure that you take rest days and do not overwork yourself. Too much cardiovascular disease can have a negative impact on your testosterone production too, so consider enlisting the help of a professional.

Men who are zinc-deficient have shown elevated testosterone levels once they start supplementing their diet. As with any kind of supplement, make sure you consult your doctor first and never take any more than your recommended daily guideline.

Make sure you get enough vitamin D from your diet, and if you don’t, just spending a few minutes a day in the sunlight may have an impact on your levels of testosterone production. It can also help to improve muscle and bone strength so you get even more out of that workout.

You may also want to shy away from glucose as just 75g of pure glucose can drop testosterone levels by as much as 25 per cent.

If you have made changes to your work out and are not seeing any benefits, be sure to speak to your doctor about testosterone Las Vegas treatments.