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Can Low Progesterone Levels Cause Low Testosterone?

Progesterone is considered a precursor for the synthesis of hormones in both men and women. Even though it is found in greater abundance in women than men (men have almost half the amount that women have), a certain amount is required for the production of hormones. Not having enough progesterone can result in low testosterone, and the symptoms of both low progesterone and low testosterone are the same. A Las Vegas testosterone therapy clinic can establish if your low testosterone is caused by low progesterone.

Progesterone is converted into free testosterone in the body, and it is created in the testes and adrenal glands like the male sex hormone testosterone. While testosterone is essential to keep all systems running in the male body, progesterone plays a role in finishing it all off and ensuring that processes function optimally.

Progesterone is considered to be an anti-estrogen hormone, and when it is lacking in the body, estrogen is likely to dominate and affect testosterone levels. In the same way that women need some testosterone in their bodies, men also need a certain amount of estrogen to stay healthy. Estrogen also increases fat content and enzymes, which cause testosterone to be converted into estrogen, lowering the body’s reserves of the sex hormone even further.

Low progesterone levels may present with erectile dysfunction, a low volume of semen production and low libido. These symptoms can also cause low testosterone. Other conditions such as arthritis, thyroid problems and joint pain may be attributed to low progesterone. Insomnia or fatigue may also be present.

The most common symptoms include those mirrored by low testosterone, like concentration problems, mood disorders, depression, changes to your appetite, weight gain, bloating, sleep disturbances, dizziness and tender breasts. In order to ascertain if it is progesterone causing the problem, blood tests will need to be carried out. It is also recommended that you have your testosterone and estrogen levels checked at the same time.

In order to be able to bring the body’s hormones back into balance you will need to have your endocrine system screened, and your treatment program will need to address levels of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen to restore your energy levels, sex drive and capacity to build muscle.

If you are suffering from any low testosterone symptoms, there is a very real chance they could be caused by low progesterone. Only a qualified medical doctor can help you with low testosterone Las Vegas treatment.